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Originally Posted by JerryLeeK9 View Post
Hey all, first time poster and new member here!

I have wanted a GSD since I was a kid. Now, I am finally in the position to own one and applied to 3 local rescues in my region. Although I was set on an all GSD, I could not resist the AMAZING temperament and character that I found in this guy so I rescued 2 y.o. Clayton on Saturday and renamed him "Jerry Lee". I acquired him from MAGSR in Maryland. I was very surprised how easy going he was, paying no mind to other dogs at the kennel and only interested in getting treats (strong food drive!!) and getting pet by everyone he could. He's a big, affectionate leaner and very strong so you need to lean back or he will take you down haha. He's about a meduim height in terms of a GSD but seems he may be a bit bigger than many DS I've seen. One thing that stuck out is that he is obviously very intelligent. Its almost like you can just see it in his eyes that he knows exactly what is going on and is very confident. He's not shy but not aggressive at all. He is heartworm positive and I have no problem spoiling him and being by his side during the recovery. I will be picking him up and bringing him home this Friday. I'm excited to say the least!

My question is... is he part Dutch, part GSD? The only Brindle breed I really see in him is DS...

My hunches and research says DS/GSD mix because he is obviously brindle but has a black back/saddle. He has also gone from 52lbs as a stray to 70lbs in 6 weeks and will end up being 75ish we think because of his muscular build and big ol' head. The head structure and snout looks GSD dog to me.

Please give me your opinion, even if you aren't 100%. I know nobody can be sure.
Looks 50% Dutch and 50% GSD to me.

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