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So we are officially about to switch our dogs over to a 100% raw diet. We're going to do "franken-prey" basically. I called a meat warehouse in LA and they quoted me some awesome prices for all the organ meat, muscle meat and bone we need.

I do have some questions though...

First, just for peace of mind, I want to make sure that there really is minimal risk of the bone hurting them. My logical mind tells me that they're carnivores and they're made to digest bone, but for those of you who've been feeding your dogs a raw diet for a long time, have you EVER had any issues with perforation or digestive problems from bone? I just want to make extra sure that my dogs will be ok on this diet.

Second, what ratios do you recommend for RMB, OM, and MM? And how many pounds should they eat per day? My GSD is 8 months old and weighs almost 100 lbs, and my shepherd corgi mix is almost 2 years old, weighing in at about 25 lbs. I want to do this right so their diet is as balanced as possible, but it seems a little complicated figuring out the numbers. What is an easy way to calculate how much they need of each type of meat/bone? Any bones I should avoid?

Thanks in advance!!!
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