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Food poisoning from handling raw: anyone?

I have been handling Mister's (my diabetic cat) raw meat for the last few weeks and I think (?) I have gotten food poisoning from it...Has anyone else ever gotten food poisoning from handling their pets' raw?

I am careful and I am very paranoid. I bleach the counters and wash my hands each time...I am a little concerned as I will be converting my pups to raw at least 1x a day but because of how miserable I was all night and this morning, I do not know if I can safely handle it.

I think everyone hates being sick but with 8 critters to take care of every morning and not having the energy to lift a twig, it is even more discouraging. The cats are not so bad with the exception of Mister who gets his sugar checked, his insulin and his raw. The rest of the cats just get their food, change of water and litter boxes cleaned. But the dogs after being in their crate for 8 hours during sleepy time are so unruly, hyper and sensitive in the morning that when I am sick it is nearly unbearable to handle.

Thoughts? Experiences?

I am sorry for venting...
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