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Default Leave It, without a clicker

I am working on training leave it with Ammo. I found some basic videos on it, most use a clicker. When I started training Ammo I did not use a clicker. He is very good with basic sit, down, stay, and so on. All of these he has learned without a clicker or food being involved. I usually always use praise as a reward for good behavior, which has always worked very good for him.

With leave it, food and the clicker has been introduced. It took a matter of seconds for him to realize that when the clicker goes of he gets food. He is perfect up until he hears the click, after that he will flip out. He becomes very push and nosey to find his treat, and the new action taught is thrown out the window. When I take the food and clicker away he is back to himself, calm and attentive.

My question is, how do I train leave it without a clicker to mark the behavior? Also how can I train it without the food reward? Any tips would really help.

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