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Axel is 10 months old and also eats about 2 pounds of meat per day. I buy from a COOP here in Colorado. The most expensive meat we use is the 80/20 beef and that's about $2.50 per pound about the same for ground turkey. The turkey necks, chicken necks/backs/wings etc., are all approximately $1.50 per pound. I know there are less expensive ways to do this but I have to figure the convenience of placing an order and only driving to one location less than 10 miles away to pick up the meat. A typical order of approximately 100-120 pounds of meat will cost me $150 give or take and that will last for 3 months. I do buy organ meat at the grocery store, chicken livers or calves liver and those are both relatively inexpensive. I do add oatmeal or sweet potatoes to his meals with veggies and yogurt for dinner so another $25 a month. I know a lot of people say they don't need the veggies and or fruits but he loves them and I don't have to feed an additional meal of meat as the meat alone twice a day would not satisfy his appetite. The boy is a very lean 77 pounds, nice waistline, can feel his ribs but not see them and he moves all day long so this seems to work for us.
I found the COOP on Yahoo Groups - look for raw feeding or B.A.R.F.
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