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Originally Posted by MrsFergione View Post
Yep he seems to be the latter! Our female cried for quite awhile the first night, the second night she actually didn't make a sound. We live on post right next to the airfield, so the third night there was a large plane landed idling so they third night she whined for awhile because I think the noise was a little scary for her, but that was the last time she ever made a noise. But she was also 5 weeks older than him at the time and I think her kennel with her brother and sisters was outside at that breeder. Hopefully he at least gets a LITTLE better in the next few days, I'd love to get a little sleep before school starts again haha
Good luck to you! I was so tired and I didn't want to hear him cry all night so I let him sleep in my bed and that was that! He slept in my bed every night up until he turned 6 months old, now he sleeps on a dog bed with my GSD next to my bed.


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