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No Snow? No Problem! (Winter Shoot)

I had been hoping for a real snowfall this holiday season, but unfortunatly didn't get any. We were all disappointed, but I wanted to take some winter-type pictures of Trent anyway. Without the snow my best solution was to drag myself out of bed at 7:30 am (early for me!!) and take Trent out before the morning frost disappeared.

Here are the pictures!

Almost looks like snow, doesn't it? Almost? LOL

Spinning around and intently looking for a treat I threw.

That tail, though.

Taking a break at home

A guest appearance by Bree!

Belly rubs?

"Trent" Qodiak vom HausReid - German Shepherd Dog
"Trash" Bite Risk vom Feuergarten - German Shepherd Dog
"Siege" Zala IPO1 - Belgian Malinois
"Legion" Havoc vom Winter Storm - Belgian Malinois

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