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This is just me and I may get some flack for saying this, but at 11 months old there is no way I would tolerate biting my hands for no reason. I actually put a dead stop to biting like that by 6 months because I don't want my dogs getting into the habit of thinking that behavior is ok. As puppies, I redirect, but once the adult teeth come in, the game is over. Its disrespectful behavior and would result in a correction. If a firm NO doesn't work, he would most likely get a sharp collar correction. I'd leave a leash on him in the house while he's out and about so that I could correct when necessary.

Other than that, you might want to look into finidng a reputable behaviorist to take on that "kill mode" issue. Unless thats the kind of behavior that you want with strangers in the house.

Hopefully others will chime in. This is again, just my personal opinion. I don't let my dogs teeth on me just because they feel like it.

Handsome dog, btw
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