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Otto got his CGC at 8 months old!

As an introduction, I'm new here, and Otto is "my" first GSD. (My ex-husband had 2, but they preferred him to me....)

I do know that a CGC is a very low title (it wasn't even a title back when I put a few on other dogs), but he did SO well for a baby. He turned 8 months yesterday, and passed today. I plan to continue training him to advanced titles, assuming his hips pass for jumping.

If any of you know a reputable Schutzhund trainer in North Central Alabama, please let me know (I wouldn't attempt it without a trainer as I know NOTHING about training for protection.)

I have owned, trained, bred, and exhibited Shelties (AKC conformation and obedience) for over 20 years, but my remaining 3 and I are now "retired."

I found this site several months ago and have been "lurking" and learning. I have found much good information here, and often unexpected entertainment . Thanks to y'all for that!

Introducing my entourage:

Otto CGC, 8 months, GSD
Samantha (ptd), 13 yrs, Sheltie
Nina (ptd), 11 yrs, Sheltie
AKC CH Sophia, 10 yrs, Sheltie
Windy, 31 yrs, Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred
X, 10 yrs, off-track Thoroughbred
Cedric, aka "The Brat," 5 yrs, off-track Thoroughbred (Secretariat great-grandson)
Cleopatra, 9 yrs, Himalayan
Phailin, aka, "Snotnose," 1 yr, Snowshoe

And always in my heart,

AKC CH Raven, CGC, CD, HT, 1987-2002, Sheltie (finished all titles within 6 months)

Brandy, 1977-2006, American Saddlebred and 3-day eventer/open jumper
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