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dog whistle

We have one neighbor we dont quite get along with. For years their kida constantly play in our yard and damage our property even though we constantly ask them not to tresspass. They hit our windows with balls, destroy our plants, break our security lights constantly, even shot our house with a beebee gun. The father is polite, but the mother seems to support their actions. She thinks its cute. We now have a 13 week old gsd. At certain hours when we take her out to pee, she will focus all her attention on this neighbors house. She will stare straight at it. Then eventually she will mull us to death. There will be noises at other neighbors and it doesnt bother her. Only our problem neighbor. Also, the only person she ever barks at is the mother over there. My husband insists they must have a dog whistle and uses it to provoke her. Is this possible?
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