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Desperate for help!

Hello everyone, I am new here and yes I will go read all the threads, I just had to post this immediately as I am desperate!

We have a rescued labrador who is about 6-7 years old (still don't know his exact age). I have had him for 5 years and he is a very well behaved dog.

We recently rescued a dog that we are told is a shepherd mix. He is 4.5 months old and was a stray. We adopted him at 3.5 months. He knows his basic commands, although is a VERY hyper so sometimes it is hard to keep his attention. He is friendly with all people. He loves people! But he seems to be dog aggressive. He is not food protective or shy or anything. Just dog aggressive.

He ALWAYS goes after my labrador, who occasionally tries to put him in his place but to no avail. He is growing ever more dominant and pushy and we have to keep them separated or else they will fight. He also does not get along with any other dogs he meets.

We have tried introducing them on "even turf," with dogs on leashes, and things start ok but it only takes a minute before things escalate into barking, mounting, lunging. He barks A LOT. Nothing stops him from barking, not redirection, not bark collars. That tends to get the other dogs excited too.

How do we correct his aggression? He is very intelligent, but this really worries me.

Thank you for ANY help.
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