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Max gets aggressive around small children and other dogs

I adopted a German Shepherd in the beginning of November. Max was 5 months old at the time and we were told he was great tempered and good with other dogs and children. I don't know if the move jumbled him all up or if the previous owners didn't really get him around other dogs and kids and just figured he'd be good with them. Well.. I'm now going crazy because I'm very family oriented and have other dogs and small kids in my family.. and Max is not good with them whatsoever.

I also live in a community where people are out walking their dogs all the time. When Max and I go out, he starts viciously barking at a dog I can barely see off in the distance. It can be hard to control him if we get close to a dog. The only dog he has actually been okay with is my dads yellow lab, but even then, any sudden movement my dads dog makes, Max goes after her. Any small child he sees, he starts barking aggressively towards them... even if the kids dont even look at Max..

Has anyone else had this problem and actually had a good way to overcome it? I want to be able to take Max on walks without being the "embarassed" parent walking past a dog calm and sweet while my Max is trying to attack him.

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