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pro-bios vs. Nzymes bak-pak plus vs. yogurt

I've been raw feeding for 3 or 4 months now, started with my husky mix, everything went good, so when i got my GSD pup I started her on raw at like 10-11 weeks old. everything is still going good.

what I'm trying to find out is if one is better than the other. I've only used the pro-bios that you can buy from the Leerburg site. but now that i"m raw feeding 2 dogs, I'm blowing right thru the pro-bios. the cost isn't really the issue, as is't about the same cost as the Nzymes bak pak plus, BUT the pro-bios dosage is about 5 times as much as a daily supplement as the Nzymes is. there's a guy on you tube that I watch that was using nzymes for it raw feed, and he seemed very happy with it. anywho, if I can get about 3-5 times the length of nzymes, and its just as good or better then the pro-bios then I'll consider switching, cause I'm tired of ordering a new thing every month or 2. Also, I used yogurt when I originally made the first 2 weeks of food just to trying it, and switch over to raw. and it seemed to work good, the price difference isn't much difference to the pro-bios, and its available at the store.

Any knowledge is welcomed. FYI when I prepare food, I use ground beef at the main ingredient. and RMB comes from chicken legs or necks. and every now and then ( every other week or so) i'll buy some 1 pound cornish game hens, and split it between both dogs as a meal. I prepare the food for a whole month for both dogs, and i freeze, and thaw out enough for a weeks food at a time. other stuff is added into the mix, ofal and such, as well as kep, and alfalfa powder, and puried brocoli, and sometimes a potato, and also eggs are added. thanks for the help.

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