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should I step in dog resorce guarding

This is my thief. Hes a 10 pound dog who likes to hide his treat and then steal the other dogs treats when they are not looking. Recently Dex my 90 pound GSD has started growling when he sees Fluffy heading towards where he left his bone. 50 percent of the time fluffy backs away from the bone but the other 50 percent he will grab it and make a run for it. Usually Dex will leave him . Most recently Dex , now almost a year old has started to chase fluffy down, when his bone is stolen and stand over fluffy, by that time im usually there and I take the bone from fluffy and give it back to Dex. Tonight however Dex grabbed the other half of the bone and lifted fluffy who still had hold of the other half of the bone, off the ground. Dexter proceeded to walk around until fluffy let go. My dilema is should I allow dex to growl at fluffy when fluffys heading towards his bone or not. Is it acceptable what Dex is doinh. Should i continue stepping inI dont want things to escalate by doing the wrong thing.
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