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Unhappy Skin Rash/Infection

Hey everyone,

Jackson is just over 7 months old now, and has had a skin rash on the inside of his hind legs/groin area on 3 separate occasions (once at around 3 months, 5 months, and now at 7 months). It starts as a couple red spots and then quickly spreads over the course of a week.

The vet has given him a combination of antibiotic/antihistamine which does treat the rash, but clearly there is an underlying problem. The vet provided me with information regarding blood work/allergy testing, and believes that it is likely an allergy.

I was wondering if there was anything to try before spending $5-600 on blood work and testing. Jackson has been fed Blue Wilderness large breed puppy kibble since I brought him home from the breeder. I was thinking about switching to an adult kibble and so I was wondering about trying a food switch to see if that makes any difference.

Any thing else I should be looking into? I have a feeling I'll be spending the money on the testing but if anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate them!
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