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Exclamation Help/Advice please about my new dog I got from a rescue?! :(

I had wanted my own dog for a long time, and my boyfriend finally got me one as my Christmas gift. I found his picture on the internet, and immediately fell in love! We went to pick him (Cratos) up on December 16th from a 'rescue'. Cratos is 1 1/2 years old. The people we got him from stated that he had all of his vaccines, de-worming, and is neutered. We met him and he was VERY skiddish at first, but after just a couple hours, we could tell he had already grown attached to us, and vice versa. (: He is a happy dog- Full of energy. 3-4 days after having Cratos, he was still playful, as usual.. But started vomiting white vomit. Since then, this has repeated basically every 3-4 days, usually associated with diarrhea and loss of appetite as well. It lasts for one day, then seems to repeat in the next 3-4 days. On these "sick days", we hear tummy gurgling and he sometimes will try to eat grass outside only to vomit after.. :/ He will still be playful for the most part, but at random times will just lay there. Also, he usually won't eat for the first half of the day. Then, the following day and a couple days after that his appetite is back to normal. We contacted the people who we bought him from, and they insisted it was probably from the dog food change. (They had him on Pedigree but we just did the whole 14-day switch over to Blue Buffalo.) I have tried giving him a bland diet of white rice and boiled chicken. I have tried sweet potatoes as well, and this never restored his "normal" stools (which are cow-patty like) to firm stools. I did some research and found that digestive enzymes are helpful to aid in digestion. So, I purchased some and have been giving them to him for a few days now. Today (the 4th day since he did this last) he vomited once this morning after eating grass. Then white bile hours later while he was at the park. He had a loss of appetite for about half the day, but when we got back from the park he ate like usual and hasn't vomited anymore today, but has had loose stools. Has anyone ever experienced any issues like this? Does it sound like something serious? Any input is appreciated!
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