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Switching to Raw, unsure of what to do or how much to feed

I'm interested in possibly swtiching to raw. Although, I am completely lost as to the amount each dog should receive. I listed them below (their age, activity level, weight, and what and how much they eat now). If you could just give me an idea of the amount and some suggestions on what to give, I'd appreciate it!

They all eat ProPlan Savor.

Gyspy (F, lab), 3 yrs., 86lbs (1 1/4 cups/2x) - we go on 1/2 walk 5x week, dog park or hiking on weekends for about 2 hrs.

***She can stand to lose about 5 lbs. Her stomach still tucks up; she's English, so more bone to her.***

Red (M, GSD), 3 yrs., 84lb (2 cups/2x)- we go on 1/2 hr walk 5x week, Biking 3- 10 miles 4x /week

Charlie (F, GSD), 9 yrs, 69 lbs (1 cup/2x and 1/2 can wet/1x)- we go on 1/2 hr walk 5x week, dog park on the weekends.

Also, all three play in the back yard when they are let out. I attached three pictures of them so you can get an idea of what they look like (not the best picture Gypsy):

1. Gypsy/Red laying
2. Red biking
3. Charlie on the fireplace

If you could help with the following:

1. What type(s) of raw meat? Do I switch it up every now and then?

2. Are they okay to consume the raw bones? Any items to NOT give them?

3. Amounts you would feed them based on the above information above?

4. Is getting these items from a grocery store okay?

5. How to transition over?

Thanks so much!


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