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I'm confused. You were told by the seller that the father is a wolf hybrid and now you're asking if we think your dog is? Do you doubt that the father is who the seller said he was? And if you didn't want a hybrid, why did you buy a dog whose sire is a hybrid?

I had a friend with a very high percentage Timberwolf (75%) cross and she looked about as much like a wolf as your dog. I see where he may have some wolf blood in there. If the sire is a hybrid and the dam is purebred GSD, then your dog is only 1/4 wolf even if the sire is 50%. So, I'm not sure how much folks on here think a dog with 1/4 wolf blood or LESS would look, but it's entirely possible. Look at ear shape and ear set, muzzle type and coloration, coat type vs. tail and overall expression.

I still don't understand why we're wondering when the dog was sold as a hybrid!

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