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Originally Posted by 808GSD View Post
I need some help please, I have a just 3 year young un-fixed male GSD who the day before Christmas Eve started to growl and corner my four year old daughter. He has never done this to her (got him at 6 weeks old), only barks and growls at our 1.5 year old female silky. Than on New Years Eve he started in with my husband too, but he still acts like a puppy with me. Our vet just got back to me an hour ago saying she is not surprised by this, says that most GSD's are a one person dog. Now we have a 4.5 year old female (just finished her cycle) and she is well behaved with all. Everything I have read on the subject says that they are loyal to their families (protective of children) and only act that way if they sense danger. The vet wants him fixed and sent to special training. What do you folks think? I love my boy, but I need to protect my family at the same time. Help us please....
I would probably neuter him, and step up your leadership. NOT by sending him away for training, but taking him yourself. Because your female is coming out of a heat cycle, he may be a mess hormonally. Find a good trainer to work with you. I'd also consider having his thyroid tested, he may have an imbalance, but I think it has to do with the bitch in heat. GSD's are loyal and protective with their family , not "one person" dogs(unless the handler has chosen to keep the dog that way).
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