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Originally Posted by xoChesleyy View Post
Hi all! So, 3 weeks ago my boyfriend and I picked up a new addition to the family. According to the man who we got him from, his mom is full-blooded German Shepherd, and his dad is wolf mixed with either German Shepherd or something else. He weighs about 80 pounds, has small webbing in between his toes (not sure if this is something all dogs have or not, but thought I'd throw that in), and his hair is about medium-length. So, what do you guys think? Does he look like a wolf hybrid or like he is mixed with something else?

*I searched in google images "german shepherd timberwolf" and he looks almost identical to the lower-content ones.. But I really have no idea, lol.
Looks like a reverse mask GSD to me. But the tail throws me off. If he does have wolf, he is low content wolf and high content GSD

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