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I think you did the right thing. The breeder may not "owe" you a refund, but I don't see how any respectable person would not do it. There is nothing wrong with the puppy and you had it less than a week. The breeder can sell it to someone else. Also, you were nice enough to *give* the puppy back. If it were me and had I known the breeder would not be willing to issue a refund (even waiting until re-selling the puppy), I would have used a standard "first right of refusal" and offered the puppy to the breeder to BUY back. That is typically how most dog purchase agreements work. You are not obligated to GIVE a dog back even if a breeder makes it sound that way, you are usually obligated to offer the breeder the chance to "get" (ie, purchase) the dog back before selling it to someone else.
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