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Immediate Help Needed PLEASE *Bloody Diarrhea / Vomiting*

First off, I'm glad I've found this place because at this time, it seems like my last option to seek help.

I moved to Germany two months ago, and all Vet's are closed right now (no one will answer the phones as it's 1am). They are also closed Sunday and Monday, due to the "Three Kings Holiday".

I have a 7 year old White Shepherd. For some time now (the past few months), she's had issues with gas. She has been farting more and more and they have a sour smell to them. She has also been dealing with on-and-off diarrhea issues. When I take her for a walk, she usually goes to poop two times. The first poop is solid, but the second is straight liquid (smaller amount than first poop). This has been going on for a good while (~three months). She also has a rash on the inner side of her tail that touches the anus. She's been licking back there a lot lately and I think this is why that area is now raw.

I took her to the vet two days ago here in Germany. They emptied her anal glands, which were full, and gave me a cream for the raw spot. This cream is called FUCIDERM. I've applied it three times now. She has not licked the area. The vet also gave me CANIKUR PRO, which is an additive that goes in her food to help digestion. I've used that twice now.

About 5 hours ago, I get home to my dog puking. At first I thought to myself "Ok, upset stomach, let's see if it gets worse." Well, since then, she has puked over 20 times (I've lost count), and also has insane diarrhea (pure liquid streaming out). Being afraid that she's getting dehydrated, I've been giving her small amounts of water. That stays down for roughly 15 minutes at a time, until she throws that back up (it's all slimey at this point).

She has been outside to poop (diarrhea) about 10 times now since this began. The last few times I've cleaned her off before bringing her in, I've noticed blood dripping out of her anus (I am guessing it's in the diarrhea as well). This started off being light red and it's now progressing to a darker red blood.

Has anyone had any similar issues pop up so fast? I'm reading all that I can online but I am getting nowhere. I don't know if it's bloat, I don't know if it's a reaction to those creams...I really have no idea and I'm getting really worried at this point.

Thank you to anyone who replies.
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