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Originally Posted by pets4life View Post
look into working breeders that produce what you are looking for,

wait till you are done college trust me it will save your life lol

There are lots of good breeders even here that can give you a very nice aloof one person female, just go to a breeder a good one, a good show dog breeder would be a great choice

I personally like this trait and happy you want a well bred gsd.

My aloof female working gsd and my past dogs cannot be an apt dog like it would suck for me and the dogs her drive is too high but people here say their dogs can so.

Most important is exercise snow or rain dont miss a day and exercise your dog hard. Without a yard it is a big tough.
Yeah I'm waiting until college is done with, which is another 3 months or so, and even then I'll be waiting until I'm all settled, and will most likely be on a reserve wait list for a pup.

I'm hoping more for a townhouse or condo to rent, or a house to rent. They tend to be cheaper and I found quite a few online that have fenced yards and are dog friendly. I also have a car so I'd be perfectly willing to drive to a park to walk and play with the dog if one isn't in walking distance. I'd definitely seek out a GSD friendly place to rent before getting the dog.

I love the cold, so I have no problem walking in snow

I have to decide if I want a medium or high drive dog. If my home isn't suited for a high drive dog, I'll settle with a medium. I do want some drive and someday would like a high drive dog, but I think it may be best if I start off with a dog with less drive for experience. Also I would want the dog to be happy.
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