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Introducing an older dog into the house?

I have a 16 month old GSD female and we're looking at adopting a 7 year old GSD male. I feel like the older, well trained dog would be a good, possibly calming influence on her, as well as a good companion. Anyway, I'm looking for tips to make this transition as smooth as possible for all parties involved. We're going out to meet him either tonight or tomorrow and decide, then what? I'll talk to the owner of the male when we meet, he's a breeder and will help, and I know he wants to come to our house and inspect and meet our dog before agreeing to the adoption. My female is very high drive and sometimes has issues with her "off button." The male, from what I've been told, is easy going, calm, and has never shown aggression to another animal. Any tips would be welcome, I've done this before, but not with such a high drive breed, my other dogs just said, "Oh, hi there." And went on about their business lol.
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