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One of the many reasons we go to responsible breeders is for situations like this. Call them up for hints/tips/suggestions. Also find out how all the littermates are doing and what seems to be working with them.

Think you need to way up what you are doing WITH her when you are home so she gets tired out.

Just getting the necessary start on --> Top Training Expectations for Puppies will help because there is alot we can do to helpl

Are you crate training? One of the many reasons we do it, besides just housebreaking, is because when done properly the pups crate is a safe haven so calms and comforts our pups when they are in it. --> What is crate training (why put my puppy in a cage?)

Some screaming is NORMAL because it's what puppies do when the USED to be surrounded by all their littermates and mom and then suddenly have been jerked away forever to an entirely new/strange/scary LIFE. So she isn't actually even just screaming to 'inform' you that she's stuck and can't get to everyone (she is communicating by the way....). She's more likely then not still screaming for her mom and littermates too.

So leaving her initially for short times. Leaving her with toys/kongs with treats to keep her busy. TIRING HER OUT.

There is also more training you can do utilyzing the crate that's helps make it more fun and has us doing some 'work' too Crate Games by Susan Garrett


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