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Dear Members,
We are hoping to add a German Shepherd Dog to our family in the next 12-18 months. We are interested in companionship and we are an active couple with two young kids (5 years and 5 months). We have a female Golden Retriever who is 3 years old. We had a Labrador for 14.5 years and he passed away last year. We had got out Golden as our vet was preparing us for what seemed like an imminent death of our Labrador (multiple tumors). To our joy, our Golden rejuvenated the old man and although he was annoyed at times, he lived for two more years, pleasantly surprising us and our vet. It is only now, after a good 8 months that we feel our Golden has stopped grieving and is back to her playful self. We had always wanted a GSD and we feel that we are ready. We hope to visit three or four very reputable breeders who have consistently produced puppies with good temperament and health. After we select the breeder, we would like to visit them over the next year to get a good sense of their dogs and to get their recommendation on the litter we should get our puppy from. We are willing to travel but would prefer it if the breeder were in the Midwest. We look forward to your suggestions, especially those who have had good experiences from a particular breeder, those who got a second dog from the same breeder and/or who have direct knowledge about a breeder.
With gratitude,
Jenn and Jose

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