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New to GSD!

I've always had dogs, raised Huskies for a long time. We adopted a 10 month old 90# GSD three weeks ago, and he has a few issues. He is sweet, has bonded very well, but is not socialized with other dogs. Since he is such a big guy,h ow do I manage that without terrifying smaller dogs' owners?
Also, he has terrible separation anxiety. We put him in a Vari-crate, any suggestions to otherwise help him? He knows hand signals, and he tries to be very good, but really panics when we leave. We are never gone for more than 2 hours, and we walk him before we leave to get him a little tired. We can not really work him out, he has a hip problems. Any suggestions would be very welcome! When we had huskies, we always had more than one, so they were fine when left home alone ( they were just devils...).
Thank you!
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