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Should I Switch??

Hi all,

On the second week of living with my now 10 week old boy Tiberius. He has been a great puppy so far and is lively (bitey ) and smart. The breeder I got him from had him on Sportmix Energy plus. Unfortunately, I didn't get any along with him and wanted to make sure I had food readily available for him.

I ended up getting him grain free Blue Freedom. He enjoyed eating it, but has had gas and loose stool all throughout the bag. It was a small bag though, so I mixed in a small amount of Blue Wilderness Puppy (Chicken) under the assumption that a smaller amount of more protein-rich kibble would agree with him.

He had his first vet checkup on the 1st and his stool sample came back negative. He is still having the squirts.

I have read plenty of threads here naming Blue Wilderness (And even chicken flavor specifically) as the culprit. I'm not positive, but I believe he is also giving off a tiny amount of dandruff and likes biting his hindquarters. I think he may be kind of itchy and dried out. I have been combing him regularly and keeping him smooth, but he still likes to nibble his quarters.

I am wanting to switch him to a higher quality kibble that will firm him up and get him more regular. I feel terrible as I think he has been in discomfort with his gas and upset tummy. Is it possible this is being caused by overfeeding? I have reduced his 3 meals a day from 1 cup to 2/3 to attempt to weed that out as a cause.

He had some stress from a 4 hour car ride home from the breeder and meeting a bunch of relatives over Christmas/New Years, but he is getting quite comfortable with his schedule.

I have been looking at other higher quality options before switching him to raw when he is old enough. I have been looking at Acana Pacifica and Orijen Large Breed Puppy. Is there a good possibility this switch will help him out?

Sorry for the narrative. Thanks for any additional advice!
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