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Left back leg limping

Hello, I have a 5 month old german shepherd. Yesterday we were playing ball and she bumped into our coffee table and slid on the floor. We have hardwood floors. When she got up she whimpered a little bit and then limping on her leg and wouldn't put pressure on it. About 5 min later she put pressure on the leg but not much. Today she is still babying the area and not putting much pressure on leg. Last night and today, I have messed with this leg felt for anything abnormal and everything seems normal (no swelling or bumps). When I was touching her leg and hip area and pulled her leg to stretch it out, she didn't care nothing bothered her. She acts normal, still jumps and runs around. But you can tell when she has put too much pressure on it because she will swift her weight from the left to the right. I am thinking she possibly sprained or twisted her foot the wrong way. but not sure. I feel like if she is still acting normal then she is fine. Is this something to be concerned about or give it a few days and see what happens then call the vet?

Thanks for the help
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