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Puppy growling and biting 14yo dog

Hi everyone, I'm a newbie here (and to forums in general) so please forgive me if I am not posting this correctly.

We just got a 9 week old puppy who upon meeting our 14 yo love of a dog began growling, barking, lunging and snapping at her. I immediately turned the puppy on her side and firmly said no. My old girl just walked away, too docile to do anything about it and I redirected the puppy with a toy. The next morning the puppy came down with Parvo. Fantastic! She just came home last night from the hospital and resumed her bad behavior to our senior dog. I again repeated the steps above and she seemed to start getting the message, even opting to cuddle with her to take a nap, which my old girl more than tolerated. But, when she turned to reposition her old bones they came nose to nose and the puppy acted aggressively again toward her. Again, I put her on her side and then redirected. I expect this to continue for awhile. My questions to all of you, whom are much more experienced with GSD dogs in general and puppies are:

1.) is this normal GSD puppy behavior? I've never seen this with the 5 puppies I've raised before but they weren't GSDs.
2.) I'm seeing conflicting reports on putting her on her side in response to this behavior-is this the right thing to do and if not, what should I do instead?
3.) Does this behavior signal we have the makings of an aggressive dog? I have the time, patience, resources and energy to ensure this puppy turns out to be a loving and amiable member of our family. We will be taking a lot of classes once she has her vaccinations and the Parvo is completely behind us.
4.) will this behavior go away with consistent training?

Thank you for your time and assistance with this. I really appreciate any advice anyone has!

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