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Talking He starts training next week.

I am starting Ammo's training to be a therapy dog next week. I know petsmart isn't the best place to go for training but in this area it's the only place we really have. The guy that is going to be helping with Ammo's training has trained other therapy dogs and thinks Ammo is perfect for therapy work. After going through a couple training classes Ammo will be tested and have an AKC title. Hopefully in about 4-6 weeks Ammo will be certified and ready to go. I can't wait!

Also for those of you who have therapy dogs, what kind of vest do you use for them? I have a friend who makes custom vest for dogs and I am going to have her make one, but I wanted some input on what kind of vest he should wear. I want something to where when I put it on him he knows it's work time. Thanks.
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