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I’m going to be pretty blunt…

Looks like you have a working line male. It’s highly likely that although he does have good structure, it is not AKC quality structure. Since you’re asking this question and basing it off of color, I’ll assume that you don’t know much about the structure the AKC judges like to see. Sadly, “good structure” is a very subjective term and not objective like it should be. Yes, you can enter your boy into any AKC show you want (given that he is AKC registered and intact), but the likelihood that you’ll actually win anything, is slim to none. If you post a stacked picture of your dog, from a straight on angle (not above or below him) we’d be able to go into more detail of why your dog will probably not do very well in the AKC ring, at the moment I’m just going off of the pictures you posted and the understanding that a dark-sable like that is unlikely to have come from American Show Lines.

If you want to give it a go, I suggest an all-breed show. At a specialty show…99% of the time you’ll probably end up dead last.

I’m not saying this because I think your dog is bad, I’m basing it off of my knowledge of the AKC show ring. The same would go for the SV ring. You could probably have some success in UKC.
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