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She may have a urinary tract infection and can't hold it. Use a ladle to get a sample and have the vet check it.

Otherwise you may just need to backtrack and make sure you haven't skipped any of the necessary steps of crate training, or just back up as a reminder --> What is crate training (why put my puppy in a cage?)

How are the puppy classes going? Are you using positive training methods or mostly punishment because it appears alot of avoidance had cropped up? How is the engagement training going? Has you puppy learned more than 20 tricks yet?

Click this ---> Top Training Expectations for Puppies

The reason it's so good we do the research before getting a particular breed is so we are prepared for any issues and challenges that particular breed may bring to us! For GSD puppies, it's the PLAY biting and blood that causes. For a refresher you should go to the sticky we have set up ---> Puppy biting... Hints and tips to help

Good luck! Sounds to me like you got a GSD puppy!


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