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Wits end...

My puppy is 4 months old, up until the last week she's always been super nice and lovey on everyone. However, recently shes been aggressive and unruly. She stopped responding to all commands, (sit, wait, leave it, and come) and instead runs away hides. She then proceeds to bite, not nip like she used to, and draw blood on both myself and my roommate. We always take a half mile walk down to our local park and play for a good 3 hours a day before noon. I pull her water around 7 and take her out every half hour until her bedtime at 9. I take her out once more around 2 a.m. and yet somehow she's been waking up soaking yet in an inch of urine.

I need some much appreciated help and advise as to what could be causing this kind of behavior, and ways to prevent the kennel flooding. Thanks.
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