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So I've been having established tug times with Grim (turns 9months tomorrow). There has been a lot of positive rewards from it in both obediance and protection. The one tug we use has become a huge reward and has helped Grim not need to be so food motivated in obediance and has increased his possesion of tugs when doing pro work (not droping the tug when I come up and pet him or handle him on the wedge). I've seen some of the Q&A and other videos on youtube with Micheal Ellis how a munchy grip as puppy and during tug at home doesn't translate to protection work its just bonding time. And thats what I'd like to keep these sessions as.

But with that in mind how can I enable Grim to keep and hold the tug correctly so I can quickly grab both ends of the tug?

Rigth now we'll play he'll have the bite in the middle with my hands on each side, he'll "win" and as I'm backing up calling for him to re engage in tugging sometimes he'll get really munchy and move the tug into what I'll describe as a cigar postion vs a traditional tugging position before coming back to me to play tug with him again.

At home we use "off" and on the field its "ous" to seperate the actions so then at home during play i'll get him to "off" the tug as soon as he starts to munch around then pick up the tug and start over.
On times when he does hold the tug correctly and comes back to me he'll get a larger more vigorous tug reward session.

Is this the right track?
Would using a Wedge at home help him hold a tug?
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