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Default Sign of the Wolf

Sign of the Wolf (1941)

This is a movie version(very loosely adapted), of a Jack London story. It starts with a Hollywoodized version of a dog show(with an obedience rally included)-----and two top dog competitors that are getting into the competition on every level.

A little warning---Mantan Moreland plays the black helper of the owner of the dogs. When you see him, you'll recognize him immediately if you have seen may old films---he was quite a popular black comedian the 1930s and 40s---he played sort of a black equivalent of Barney Fife, and is particularly well known for his roles as Charlie Chan's chauffer, constantly warning him of obvious dangers, and his rampant superstitions. He is also joined by Louise Beavers, whose Mrs. Butterworthesqe portrayals will also be very familiar. Not very politically correct by todays standards, but excellent comedians and excellent actors, even by today's standards.

The little boy who befriends the dogs and takes up their best interest may also be familiar, he is Darryl Hickman, a talented child actor in the 1940s---and the older brother of Dwayne Hickman, the star of the later TV series "Dobie Gillis".

The film is well made, and the copy is good quality. The real stars of the film are Shadow and Smokey---and get a lot of on screen time.

Give it a watch and I hope you find it as entertaining as I have.
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