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Default growing pain or pano?

My 1 year old was limping his front left leg about a month ago. We took him to the vet and got x-ray done. The vet said she didn't see anything so she prescribe him Novox. He took that for a few days and I haven't seen him limping again. Until last week, when we picked him up from the kennel he stayed at for a week (while we were on vacation), he starts to limping his front right leg. This time he actually whine. He made that yelping sound. Only time I have ever heard him yelp like that was when he was 9 weeks old and I fell on ice in front of him which he was terrified. We took him back to the vet and they x-ray him once again. This time the cost of x-ray was higher (I guess they look at more than one thing?) yet she still said she didn't see anything wrong. She said it could be just growing pain. So she prescribe him another Novox.

I don't know if you can tell from my tone but I'm not fully trusting this vet very much... something about her (We usually see another vet who we liked but she is on maternity leaves) So I did some research to second her opinion. Then I came across a thread that talk about pano. Now i'm worried. Since his pain goes from one leg to another, is this a sign of pano? Is there a chance that the vet didn't see it? She spit out many other possibilities of what he could be having other than growing pain but I did not hear about pano from her.

Lincoln is getting a sedated x-ray next week. It was scheduled before his legs start hurting. The x-ray was meant to be just checking on his hips and whatever else the vet seems appropriate. Should I tell them to look at something in particular?
Lincoln - 12/30/12
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