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Default Favorite dog own and least favorite

I have a goofy Labradoodle who is all fun and lively. We make a solid match. He is more goofy cute than handsome. We got him from a breeder almost 5 years ago. After all the dog stuff I got more exposed to I would love to get him into a fun sport. He is nearly 5.

My least is this little Malatese havanese mix. Honestly don't like her. She doesnt like me either. Ever since we got her a decade ago she growls and bites me. Never go for walks she never comes or will run away. We are not a match not even bonded. I am more bonded to my Labradoodle and dog park dogs and other dogs I care for. Even dogs who I see at a popular beach, the most popular dog park, at SPCA, rescue organizations, etc.
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