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Originally Posted by xtramile View Post
Thanks everyone for the responses! My apologies for being unclear, we have one collar. Since he is sort of in between links right now in size it seems either too tight or too loose. Say if he is at 7 links a finger under a prong feels a fair amount of discomfort, while 8 links slides down to his shoulders after walking a while. What is preferred?
I'd keep it at 7 links (what I do for good fit is measure with a SNUG fabric tape measure and lay the collar flat and measure it off) when your finger is gone the prong should be just about right in terms of tension/pressure.

The vomiting, likely bile, but this is why I don't "pop" correct and why I prefer a prong to a "choke chain" style training collar or a flat buckle collar - much MUCH less pressure on the trachea and esophagus.
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