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Thanks everyone for the responses! My apologies for being unclear, we have one collar. Since he is sort of in between links right now in size it seems either too tight or too loose. Say if he is at 7 links a finger under a prong feels a fair amount of discomfort, while 8 links slides down to his shoulders after walking a while. What is preferred? I tried to keep it up behind his ears but it did slack at times. He is not super pain sensitive so would having it be applying a fair amount of pressure be ok?

We normally do treat rewards on walks using carrots, but we were visiting family and had none on hand. Also we started marking good behavior the day we got him with "yes!" and it worked wonderfully. If you say it he snaps his little head over and his eyes are glowing with anticipation.

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(if you tug put some slack in that leash so the prong doesn't engage!)
Never thought of that one thank you!

Another thing, on one of our first walks he threw up bile. He normally does this in the morning from not having eaten enough, and everything points to that being the cause. I just wanted to make sure that it may not have been from the prong collar being to tight or choking or something like that. Thoughts?
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