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Default 2 year old trying to "train"

I've been working a lot with my 16 month old GSD lately. She's got basic obedience down, though we still need to work on how she acts when we have visitors (something other than "OMG-MY-MOM-LOVES-YOU-I-THINK-I-LOVE-YOU-PLEASE-PET-ME-NOW-OH-PLEASE-LET-ME-SIT-IN-YOUR-LAP!" reaction). My 2 year old has inevitably picked up on things. She's extremely familiar with no/nien, sit/sitz, down/platz, and box (crate up). And I've been reinforcing that the dog needs to obey her, because they're both members of the household and she needs to listen to the "people puppies." But my toddler has been taking advantage lately and poor Sofie is getting frustrated being told to go to her box randomly. I've tried explaining to my toddler that she doesn't need to say this all the time, but she's only two and really not getting it, she just thinks it's fun that the dog listens. Anyone been in the same position or any advice on how I can make peace here? I don't want my dog getting butt hurt and holding a grudge or anything.
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