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Default First few walks with pinch collar, advice/opinions

We got Drago a pinch collar the other day and had previously done a fair amount of reading on using it. Just wanted to outline how a few walks went and get some feedback to make sure we are using it properly and whatnot.

I did my best with sizing it, he is kind of in between links and the tighter of the two sizes still fell down onto his shoulders after a while walking so we went with the looser of the two. After letting him walk the house with it on and showing no real worry for it we went on a walk (forgot to bring a reward tug with us the first time so tried to keep it short).

He was cautious at first, doing that ears back unsure panting kind of thing, but he got used to it within half a block before getting any correction. Focused on timing verbal correction with popping the leash whenever the leash got some tension, and when he was just getting amped up and wanting to walk fast I would get him to sit until he calmed down and reward with a tug.

We were in a new area, and of all things Drago was skittish of the trash cans on the curb for pick up day. We got out of that area and walked ten minutes or so before returning to the neighborhood and I would stop before he even noticed a trash can, have him sit and wait for a bit. Decrease the distance, sit and wait, decrease distance, sit and wait, and then walk past the trash can having him focus on his tug then rewarding with the tug after we passed it. Lather rinse and repeat and he was mostly apathetic to the trash cans. I kept thinking that this seemed like an opportunity to make a mistake in using the pinch collar. Am I correct? You would not want to do physical corrections for being a little skittish and avoiding them right?

I also tried clipping from the pinch to his flat collar several times to see if his behavior would change, shortly after doing so he felt the difference and did seem to put more pressure on the leash. But it was better than before, and so we would just clip back into the prong and off we went.

There was also an instance where a litle girl was sweeping the front porch and it got Drago interested. He did the ears forward mouth closed very intent look at her, and I corrected him and focused him on his tug until we were past and he did not care anymore, then reward. He did not want to do anything other than run up and play with her, but I would prefer he did not pay attention to kids he does not know.

Each walk was ended with a short tug session in the front yard and lots of praise. There was a noticeable improvement in his walking, and we are going to try and transfer this over to going to the park and see how it works.

And some pictures, because who does not want to see more pictures of shepherds
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