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Default Can't walk my dog with partners dog

We have a 7m/o female german shepherd (Willow) and a 9m/o maltese x shih tzu (Ollie). Willow walks on a loose lead when walking with my partner and I, but if my partner brings Ollie along she pulls, zig zags, keeps looking back for Ollie if I walk ahead etc. If I stop and my partner walks off ahead with Ollie, Willow will go ballistic, crying, jumping, trying to get out of her harness etc. If my partner and I separate and go different routes Willow goes ballistic again and seems anxious and cries for a while after separating and then goes back to normal loose lead walking after a couple of minutes.

We're not sure where to start, she is impossible to correct and praise when walking with Ollie. Please help?

A couple of other things:
- Ollie and Willow live together and they are very playful with each other
- If I stay at home and me or my partner takes Ollie for a walk, Willow will cry and be anxious at the front door
- If me or my partner take Ollie outside out of sight holding him in our arms she doesn't seem to get bothered.
- If we walk around in the back yard on lead with the dogs she doesn't walk well but she's no where near as bad when outside
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