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Default Hello :-) New here!

I've been lurking these boards for quite some time, but finally decided to become active, so let me tell you a little about myself! I live in East Texas and currently have a beautiful black and tan girl, Sofie Rose, that is 16 months old. I've always loved the breed, I owned a shepherd/wolf mix when I was a young teenager that was the smartest and most loyal (and most mischievous!) dog I've ever had the privilege of calling my own. My husband was always afraid of dogs from being bit as a young child, but when we moved to a house with some land, I knew immediately I wanted my children to grow up with dogs like I had. I told him to pick the breed and we'd get a puppy and go from there, hopefully slowly eliminating his fear. To my surprise, he did a ton of research and chose the GSD. He is currently working towards a degree in criminal justice and works for the prison system and has had a lot of contact with them, and the characteristics of the breed seemed like something he wanted in a pet. So I did some looking around and lucked across a small breeder with an "oops" litter (the dogsitter didn't do a very good job, all it took was one unlatched pen!), but the puppies had great pedigrees, with trained k9 dogs on both sides. We went to meet them, and absolutely fell in love with our beautiful little girl from first sight. She's exactly what I expected from the breed, high energy but focused, smart, positively a delight to work with. You can definitely tell she's from police work stock. She's also laughably gentle with my young children, and watches my toddler better than I ever will. It's safe to say my husband has gotten over his fear of dogs, and he's even been talking about adopting another one into our pack!

So that's where I am right now. I look forward to actually interacting with this board now
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