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Default Stormfronts Brawnson police dog

I was wondering, what's the story about the Stormfronts Brawnson dog anyways? That dog is related to my dogs mom, I looked at the Pedigree database. I was talking to someone about Police dogs and awesome dogs and stuff and they were like 'Stormfronts Brawnson is a legend!' so thats when I looked, remembering seeing it and he's on there alright.
On Deviantart, someone said 'Wow.. a lot of famous dogs in Dakota's bloodlines' or something like that, but I had no clue.
Apparently, he has a lot of titles and was with the Swat k9? Can someone tell me about the dog if they know about him OR send me links based on him if there is any? thanks!

P.S I wasn't sure which place to put this topic in

My dogs bloodlines- Line-breeding for the progency of Northern k9 Blue and daisy vom kloakenwasser

Stormfronts Brawnson- '00&'02 WPO CHAMPION Stormfront's Brawnson
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