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Default 8 week old puppy wants to lay outside?

Hi all. I'm new to the forum & also a brand new (as of yesterday) German Shepherd owner.

My husband bought a German Shepherd puppy yesterday from a couple who apparently bought 2 for their children for Christmas (from the same litter), but the children apparently only wanted one of them. Our puppy turns 8 weeks tomorrow. My husband looked up/researched just about everything he could besides the proper time to take them home. Now that we know he was pretty young to be taken away from his mother and litter, I'm wondering why the couple got both of them from the breeder so early, but that's a different story. What's done is done.

My question is (again, we've only had him for a day now) it's about 30 degrees outside and we take him out to the bathroom every hour or so, 2 hours. at the most between potty breaks and he seems to have taken to our back porch/stoop. It's 30 degrees outside, but he started wining to go outside - he goes out and just lays right in front of the sliding glass door on the stoop and just goes to sleep. Is this okay? It's pretty windy out, but he doesn't seem to mind, he seems to love it but I'm concerned because he's so young. Also, I'm not aware of German Shepherds being winter weather dogs, so if anybody has any input and advice, it would be greatly appreciated. If it's safe/healthy for him, I don't want to bother him since he loves it but if it's not good for him, how long can he stay out there before we need to bring him in? Thank you in advance.
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