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Default Pictures of Zelda's Muzzle :) (I Recommend this muzzle!)

Pictures of Zelda's muzzle.
If anyone is currently looking for a good muzzle i defiantly recommend this one!!
It's everything that i could ask for in a muzzle. Its good for winter and summer, its well made with padding to not rub the snout, its a basket muzzle so she can pant, she can take treats from it, well ventilated, and goes in pretty easy!

It's by Dean and Tyler and its the Royal Leather Basket Muzzle. I got it as a present for my Birthday early December, and have been desensitizing Zelda to it ever since, she doesn't mind the muzzle as much now!

Here is what it looks like:

Mom of: "Zelda"
Born: December 15, 2012
In my Care: May 01, 2013
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