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Originally Posted by middleofnowhere View Post
Does Harley know "leave it"? If not, that is a critical thing to teach. 4 yos will correct puppies - sometimes rather strongly. Puppy might have needed to sniff less, sniff with more decorum or simply butt out.

Bed is a privilege - puppy hasn't earned it yet and puppy might never. But way too soon to have three dogs on the bed with you.

Also your dynamic is two males and one female. Older male may be asserting his place as close to the female.

Three dogs are far different from two dogs.

Good luck.
Yes, Harley does know leave it. We didn't even have to use it. Harley corrected puppy. Puppy yelped. Harley stopped. He sort of looked at us like what? The puppy was annoying me. And we all know puppies can be annoying. Harley is VERY tolerant. Let's Baron walk all over him, bite etc.

Just looking for opinions on whether this is normal or are we headed in a bad direction.

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