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Default What's going on?

A little background. We have Harley who is almost four male. Got him at 18 mo as a rescue. Sweetest dog ever. Never any problems with other dogs. Not dominat at all. Doesn't even lift leg to pee. Never tries to mark on walks.

We have Bella who is a nearly four year old female. Rescued her at 9 mo (she was our first dog). Very submissive. Gets along with all other dogs.

Enter Baron who is our 13 week old puppy. Male.

Last week he playfully tried to take a toy from Harley. Harley told him who was boss. No injured to puppy. If Harley wanted to hurt him he'd be hurt. Harley is huge. Then Harley peed in the spot they tussled on. Harley has NEVER peed in the house since we got him.

Today, I was in bed and all three dogs were on it with me. Puppy was just sniffing Harley and same thing. Growling biting and puppy has just small cut on his ear. Again, I know that if Harley really wanted to hurt him he could have.

I'm thinking Harley is trying to assert his place at the top. I guess my question is if this is normal or a warning sign of bigger problems to come.

Bella - GSD mix (3/21/10)
Harley - GSD (2/5/10)
Baron - GSD (10/13)
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