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Default Your pup and it's parents, pictures please!

I'm fascinated by the genetics behind the different colors in the GSD. It seems that there isn't another breed with the plethora of colors that the GSD has....and then the nuances within the colors....Black and tan, saddle black and tan, washed out black and tan, blanket back black and tan, bi color, melanistic "fill in the blank", sable, black sable, dark sable, red sable, light sable, patterned sable, black, white, panda...and I probably didn't even get them all.

I'm curious what your pup looks like compared to his parents, totally different, very VERY similar, or a little of both. You don't have to add pics, but if you have them that'd be awesome. My guy's still little, but I *think based on his pedigree he'll look kind of similar to his uncle and mom (color speaking). It seems if you take a darker sable and breed it with something other than sable (black and tan), that the sable darkens the pigments in the pups, regardless of color pattern?? Just neat to me, and it'd be cool to see a collection of how the pups compared to the parents....or maybe they look more like a dog even earlier in the pedigree.

My pup's pic is attached, father top left, mother top right, my boy bottom left, and his uncle bottom right.
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